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Project website for the German Science Foundation's Priority Programme SPP 2404 DeepDyn about the reconstructing the deep dynamics of planet over geologic time

SPP2404 - DeepDyn in a nutshell

The DeepDyn joint project is investigating how the long-term development of the Earth's lower mantle influences the geodynamo. Researchers from five specialist areas - palaeomagnetics, geodynamics research, geodynamics, geochemistry and biomagnetism - are relating their findings to each other.

Reconstructing the Deep Dynamics of Planet Earth over Geologic Time

In the priority program 2404, scientists from Germany and abroad work on researching the deep interior of the earth in an interdisciplinary network.

22 Jul

DeepDynSeminar #4: Daniel Pfeiffer

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Sanja Panovska (GFZ) presents her findings at the Castle Meeting in Utrecht
Harini Thiyagarajan (Universität Münster) presents her work at SEDI conference 2024

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