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On 29 March 2022, the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft announced the acceptance of Priority Programme 2404-- Reconstructing the Deep Dynamics of Planet Earth over Geologic Time (DeepDyn). The fundamental goal of DeepDyn is to exploit the exceptionally long paleomagnetic record, and especially changes in reversal frequency, to reconstruct the evolution of the core-mantle system. Numerical simulations indicate that the lower mantle has a manifold impact on the dynamo where the absolute value and pattern of the heat flux through the core-mantle boundary affects the field strength, field geometry and reversal rate. However, neither the long-term evolution of the lower mantle and the dynamo nor the coupling between the two are well understood, which forms the starting point of DeepDyn. Solving this puzzle will be tackled through the collaboration of five distinct scientific disciplines. (1) Paleomagnetism, to provide information about the long-term evolution of Earth’s magnetic field. (2) Dynamo models, to explore how this record can be explained, using input from material scientists and mantle dynamicists. (3) Mantle dynamics, to define the long-term evolution of the mantle and, in particular, to reconstruct the lower-mantle state based on input from material scientists and seismologists. (4) Mineral physics, to constrain the material properties relevant to the lower mantle and core. (5) Biomagnetism, to supplement the geomagnetic record by understanding the sensitivity of magnetoreceptive organisms to magnetic fields and using magnetofossils from magnetotatic bacteria as a paleofield proxy. Ensuring close integration between these five themes is a challenging task that lies at the heart of this coordination proposal. Achieving the goals of SPP2404 begins with facilitating a good communication network among the 60-70 scientists who will work individually, in small groups and in concert. Effective coordination ensures gender equality, assisting early careers scientists, and to promote the results and raise awareness of our unique endeavor within local, national, and international communities. Successful coordination of the SPP critically depends on having a Science and Administration (SA) Manager. The SA Manager will insure the cooperation and scientific exchange within and between different working groups together with the coordinator and theme leaders. The SA Manager will also coordinate the yearly colloquia, monthly seminar series and topical workshops, oversee the project budget, maintain a website, and integrate invited international experts. This proposal requests funds to hire the SA Manager and to support the activities typical of priority programs.

Project staff

Portrait Stuart Gilder
Stuart Gilder

Koordinator des Schwerpunktprogrammes 2404

Portrait Julia Kollofrath
Julia Kollofrath

Science Manager


Professor Dr. Stuart Alan Gilder

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