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Mentoring Program of the Faculty of Geoscience for excellent early career researchers


Prof. Dr. Henrike Rau (Geography, Human-Environment Relations)
Prof. Dr. William D. Orsi (Earth & Environmental Sciences, Palaeontology & Geobiology)

Program description

The Faculty of Geoscience of the LMU Munich promotes the scientific potential of excellent early career scholars through it’s Mentoring Program. The LMU Mentoring Program is a part of the ‘Exzellenzinitiative’, whereby funds are provided to support the career development of early career researchers. The goal of the program is to support outstanding early career researchers on their way to professorship. The focus of the mentoring program is the knowledge and experience transfer for the development and pursuit of individually sustainable strategies for a career in science.

The Mentoring Program is typically oriented towards more senior academics (Ph.D students and postdocs) that have a promising track record for a productive academic career. This includes (but is not limited to) publications in peer-reviewed academic journals, presentations at scientific conferences, and academic awards. The goal of the Mentoring Program is thus to assist promising scholars in their continued academic growth, and help them accomplish their career goals.

The mentors support the mentees in career planning in individual or group discussions. This support exists both in the both of career advice and also financial support for the mentees, as they progress scientifically. This includes (but is not limited to) financial support of open access publication fees, travel to workshops and conferences, purchasing of scientific equipment, student assistants, and travel for field work. For a complete description of what can and cannot be supported please see the document "Criteria_Support.pdf".

For further information about the program, contact Prof. Dr. William D. Orsi (w.orsi@lrz.uni-muenchen.de) or Prof. Dr. Henrike Rau (henrike.rau@lmu.de).


To apply, submit the following documents:

  • Letter of interest, explaining how the support provided by the Mentoring program will be leveraged to accomplish career goals (1 page)
  • CV
  • Short description of current projects (1 page)

Call for applications

  • Application submission deadline: The call for 2022 is closed
  • Please submit your application (letter of interest, CV, description of current projects) as 1 PDF named "LASTNAME_Appl-Mentoring_2022.pdf" to studienbuero@geo.uni-muenchen.de
  • The decision will be made in September 2022